Thursday, September 20, 2012

theglowingblade[sharpersword](prod. by ill majestic)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ill majestic

with paper bombs tied
arranged in a design
like the corolla
a dense flower provides
a maze
pain surrounds you
you can't escape
the explosions
like clouds in the sky
wings rendered hopeless
but kept afloat
by thousands combined
between their wrath
you begin to fall
but each blast
keeps you enthralled
playing catch
you are the ball
to be tossed
until you're gone
fated to be erased
where detonation awaits
but what if i told you
this is the method we take
for you to be
sedated awake
from your false world
imaginative state
by sending a shock
to your senses
so great
that you're ultimately
convinced that it's fake
you exit
a sudden brightness
where light had not threatened
your eyes adjust
to what had been denied
until present
atrophy takes time
to subside

based on unreliable legend
how you behave
outweighs the 'why'
and inception
for despite what you follow
free will
provides your direction

look inside yourself
from time to time
for reflection
this mirror
like those
in catoptric
telescopic instruments
pain darkens your heart
such thoughts
are often pictureless
a pond
ripples far beyond
the body that limits it
but you are enlightened
when reminded
of your fondest images
that's why it's essential
to recall
that scars are not emptiness
they represent survival
the things you've been through
cannot offend
from inside you
if it is them that wins
it is them
that you surrender
your mind to
a keen kunai
will slice
clean through time
see tomorrow
like martin
m - c - fly
and glimpse beyond
those with crystal balls
that feed you lies

expand your horizons
who's your master
when your sifu dies

my thoughts feast
ripping apart meat
with sharp teeth
food is ideas
i chew my meals
like shark week
to be projected
like movie reels
on large screens
esoteric perspectives
mirrors of similar things
message takes flight
it's like a ninja star flings
and catching a weapon
is necessary
to feel my heartstrings
the spread of mutants
through children
descending like icarus
with the impotence
of his thawed wings
apical pathways
are safe from the last days
things engraved
aren't as easily erased
as a flat page
i literally
keep a base
in a batcave
but i don't
need a costume
you can't see me
i'm that vague
i slip away
like water
with the heat
to evaporate

i skip phases
that's how much
i'm changing
i'm a mutant
that's never
done mutating
expand my mind
like lung inflation
with over intoxication
of oxygenation
life's a pamphlet
it provides information

do you take the time
to analyze
what it's saying
or do you
just accept
what it offers
without consideration
this is not something basic
it's deeper
than the opposite
of helium/talk/inhalation
my rhymes
a series
of dark innovations
words are
sharp and serrated
my sword
like samehada
for laymen
it bites you
and takes your life
through your chakra's deflation
you weaken
as it feeds
it leaves your body sedated
lying awake
you try to awaken
but fail
snared between
two paradoxic occasions
you experience
like hidan
forever lost
in a forest
barely alive
you stare at the sky
from your grave
and ponder
but how you got there
defies contemplation
this is NOT
to be interpreted
as death
but modification
i refer to the steps
your mind follows
throughout observation
confronted with perspective
you process information
the death i mention
you responding
by changing

your prior self dies
murdered by conversation
the words one provides
fertilize ovulation
exercise your mind
at all times
let your neurons shine
open the doors
to the dormant sections
you're neglecting
below your skull
these regions
will fluoresce
like explosions
in a dark sky
in an evolved mind

...sharper sword