Thursday, September 28, 2017

__clew__?(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

a star
being born
from a galaxy
and a crystal shard
akin to frogs
a mirror blips afar

a distinct reflection
a flicker
with apogee-al roots
a compressed packet of light
sent by a shadow
the first intracontinental burst
that reaches you
a message
carried by a walkingstick bird
that says
‘peace to you’
but on the way
it had to make a pit stop
to say
‘eat some food’
this bird closes its eyes
and takes the scenic route
it goes
where the shadow’s heart explodes
sees its truth
tethered to this energy
it ends up where it leads it to
attached to its intentions
tentacles in an ether realm
a hydrostat supporting life
like leaves
when a tree exhales

deep as hell
an insomniac
in a sleeper cell
as soon as she sees the owl
she jumps out
and leaves her cell
chilling on the seat
while she runs out in the street

to find a way
to finally change
the way she sees herself

ayo jiraiya
love is not just for you
it may be going elsewhere
but i still got enough for you

uncle who?

a shadow
is the sun removed
your father
and another
are the only ones
with such a view

by virtue of who they are
they earned a peek
beneath the mask
it’s even darker underneath
but certain people see a flash
a light
even hidden from the candle
it’s connected to
once he discovers
this wick ablaze
what’s he left to do
that’s a story for another time
back to this stellar seed
the bird i sent a bird to
asked his past
to help set him free
she released
a telepathic meditative scream
a crystal for a crystal
FORBIDDING scalpels to make a seam
with enough chromium
to serve as kryptonite
to weaken the kryptonians
so tokyo could dip the knife
jiraiya made his way
to this existential plane
galaxy to galaxy
nanoka to the milky way
arrival time 2:22
he came with patterned symmetry
it takes a shadow
to gaze at shadow imagery

he sits stoic in nature
amassing energy
with the intent to pass it
to otomo’s classic centerpiece
when i release my clones
they don’t often go back into ME
it’s love
i freely give myself
to those who have it
when in need
and those who have it
should know
that they have it
for infinity
it will never be revoked
unless they grossly act despicably
and in effect
change their very fabric
my love will dissipate
‘cause it’s not attached
to that identity

so fear not
my judgment in such things
is rather marvelous
constructive evolution
in oneself
the path is arduous
so much time within
engineering consciousness
spending years
peering into mirrors
like a narcissist

evolving quick
i keep my eyes peeled
for walkingsticks

i’m quite observant
sighting birds
that veer off and dip

a flock
made up of species
that don’t even fly as one
separated by miles
but connected
on a cosmic hunt

one particular owl
ventured out
inside for love
while another bird
discreetly shadows
jiraiya young

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