Monday, September 25, 2017

just...(prod. by klinging swordz)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by klinging swordz

space itself
spreads its arms
the stars are cradled well
you’re straight
like ‘l’
lower case
with me
you know you safe as hell
even though
it seems i’m cold at times
just shine
you’ll make me melt
be calm
quit trying to find
something wrong
when my embrace is felt
don’t concern yourself
with harming me
just sink
and save YOURSELF
even if i WAS to scar
that’s peace
i’d long to take that L
in the event that i’m sleeping
when you call
i awake from hell


happier than laughing
watching dave chappelle

you underestimate
the power you have over me
how often i’m alone with peace
because i never won’t be reached

it keeps my dome at ease
knowing for certain
you have a securely frozen
permanently open
wormhole to speak
making me sever that connection’s
wack to me

but still
i seppuku’d myself
and reattached the sheath
you found a way
for you to clash with grief
‘cause i have the audacity
to love you from mad capacities

i won’t apologize
for the way
my heart blasts from me
and you get wrapped up
in its arms
as they grab and squeeze

that’s just me
both in and out the sea
this is just what love is like
above the heights of alchemy

you have all the power
if you feel
that this has got to stop
i don’t know
how to turn it off
and there’s no volume knob

vampire by mistake
i apologize
i’ll learn to starve
if draining you’s
the only way that i’ll survive
if you said
“we don’t got no vibes”

i’d say
“i’m not surprised”

‘cause dark and light
don’t look at all alike
side by side

don’t go outside and hide
go within
dive inside
fuck shaking him
shake the etch ’n sketch
erase the lines of time
don’t bury yourself
under the pain
while you die inside
fight and rise
stay on top
like hakeem olajuwon

i’m not a hero
i’m just skillful
shaking pompoms
you’re doing all the work
i’m just chilling on the sidelines

i’m just encouragement

love and nourishment
you’re the one behind
the elaborate custom workmanship
i create an atmosphere
that magnifies assertiveness
and provides environments
to satisfy resurgences
but you’re the one responsible
for any progress you make
‘cause you’re the one
who’s got to move
to energize the steps you take
all the time
you spend inside
criticizing everything
you could use your inner eye
to visualize much better things
fuck all of those without
who wish to start your funeral
the flux of your soul abounds
what’s within is far more beautiful
you’re incredible
the most pleasant light
i ever knew

i’m mad grateful
i was able to connect with you
i wish i knew a way
to persuade you to accept your truth
but in that
i’m powerless
so that’s a challenge
that is left with you
it’s hard for me to fathom
how even ravaged by pain

your aura is comprised
of such spectacular flames
in the end
there’s only one thing
i have left to say…

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