Saturday, February 4, 2017

adorabledegradation(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

a brief return
to methods of old
the peace incurred
never gets old
in each instance
it manifests on its own
develops and grows
embryonic gelatin
of which
will enclose
once it is whole
it provides
but it arrives
just as it goes
focus less
on what slipped your eyes
more on what you were shown
invasive surgical
bird's eye view
hovering above
the inner workings
of something
you'll never learn to do
immersed in truth
i drown
and do so happily
for when
such a thing is happening
i surrender to its gravity
but i don't die too often
i dwell in THIS reality
by peoples' thoughts
and the hell
that they're imagining
i let go of the car door
wiley wiggins
rising within an artform
my own thoughts form
reclaiming the territory
on which
these humans' hell
before me
was brought forth
addition by subtraction
an instant transmission
i disappear here
and reappear in satisfaction
the comfort found
in the mere act of my absence
a sight
that tear gas couldn't blacken
for i fight
the type to steer
into the path of the kraken
standing on the mast
peering past the distraction
this massive creature
regarded in such a way
it's just in the way
for where i plan to travel
is where i'm GOING to be
my journey is under way
it can be a needle
in a bunch of hay
to me
it's another day
because i will not be kept
from the tug
of the coming place
at times
i am drawn away
my trip
all but erased
but it's not from a lack of effort
or a lack of love's embrace
it's life
how things
placed before us
valleys and peaks
i prefer to climb mountains
that are out of my reach
and backstroke
on the valleys beneath

how could this be
the answer
can be found in this beat
grab a phone
and rabbit hole
out of this sleep
the escape velocity
is a conscious desire
and concentration
that leaves marks
like stria
when the thoughts are fired
the impact of which
when concentrated
offers to fire
high explosives
like when lost
is just starting to focus
overdosing on knowledge
to move with photonic motion
in my small sky
i've watched the light
sibling stars shine
just go dim
their silence
is a crime
that's gone unpunished
for such a long time
it's hopeless
but i hold out
for the slight chance
that y'all might
get to know them
i've had the pleasure
to feed microphones with
but went off the grid
on some 'leave me alone' shit

the winds of change blow
eroding the same
it's washed away
in the wake of the falling rain
the death of normal
the evolution of strange
nothing ordinary remains
it just decays

the winds of change blow
eroding the same
it's washed away
in the wake of the falling rain
the death of normal
the evolution of strange
nothing ordinary remains
there's no such thing

1 comment:

  1. And so when
    Normal is dead
    You will know then
    Why those that blend
    In and force themselves to attack like clones sense
    An intruder that has their own head
    That means their skull sent out something no one said
    To escape surrounded hold your breathe
    Or else you'll hear yourself being called weird
    Because in the tree of life the magik we call wyrd
    Is the extraoriginality that in the moment those around you
    Notice you are opened and have the priveledge and burden to be an omniomen of novelties that keep alive all things inside and bring life an energy that feeds thee outside only see it blind to it growth is apparent (a)parent no freedom like spring time....and strange be thy name evolving shedding many keeping more of me than before if its evidence you need to find
    Stay wyrd with no until
    Face fears the layers another peels
    No center because what is left behind is just a seal
    Remember the normal are dead but are seeds under one who does tell
    And who can feed one the water to begin I've wished for there to be an us that helps
    Then send them on the the run from the ordinary while we put up our shields