Sunday, July 16, 2017

shadowphysics(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

silver corneas
photonic formulas
a creature of the dark
soft light euphoria
eyes gently glow
calm energy
splashing out of them
suspended above a forest
abrupt obscurity
shrouding him
his vessel enveloped
in a cloud of limbs
he unusually flies
moving through the sky
like an owl swims
armed with a scowl grin
he gazes at the land below
creating chronomantic holes
for any who abandon growth
ending their time
with a carefully contrived
pedantic blow
by the disorienting trails
of a clock’s hands that slow
flux capacitor
with a sequestrian manifold
march on the universe
with an army
built in the phantom zone
lunar life form
skywalker blood
muted lightstorm
i glitch amidst the stars
flicker against the ocean floor
defiladed consciousness
my software isn’t open-source
a roaming shadow
a ronin
walking with a broken sword
or does it just have
partial invisibility cloaking on
you defend
according to
where you think
the end of the sword is
and therefore
get stabbed
when you’re certain
that it’s a sure miss
i am shadow
a member
of a rare species of outworlders
hailing from an amaterasu
noctilucent cloud forest
my jagan fuming
an aura of violet
profound currents
the more i exude it
the more the light illuming
is malnourished
the embers consumed
through the use
of umbral manipulation
dark defiant druidry
triangulated initiation

the sky vivids
beneath the weight
of the implications
the change in momentum created
by a silent eclipse instated
only time will tell
if what i’ve unveiled
is divination
i hope when i reach the future
i’m able to find
my vision sated

and if not
may i be blinded
i don’t want to see my world
with hollow space inside it
what matters most
by a swirl
that permeates my eyelids
a void
absorbing what’s in my heart
like langoliers
working hard
to erase what drives it

completely unrelated
a torch unhides
a portal
that contains a door
through time
that travels to
before our marrow was formed
by what allowed us
to soar through the sky
foraging wide
prepared to swallow
any prey we could afford
with our eyes
they collapsed
to be absorbed
by our spines
to be reactivated
fastforward in time

humans are so stupid
lying dormant inside
the solution is evolution
you must transform
if you want to fly

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