Sunday, October 28, 2012

daybreak(prod. by aethra)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

kalki - stranded

kalki and stranded = night/scream

prod. by aethra

verse 1 (kalki):

life is suffering
when your friends
spite your utterings
how do you mend it
despite your discovering
that friendship is a fickle thing

we’re just little things
lost in space
the moss we pace on
as we crush microcosms
we cough and stray on
without a thought to say
as a species
we should be tossed away
in this cosmic maze
e.t.s probably watch us
and often pray
they could possibly squash us
but not today
so we gossip over pasta and lobster
mobsters and impostors talk shit
as we pop shit and swallow it
escaping through
this hollow ship’s gaping holes
with grey souls
we follow misfits
and wallow in statistics
stay old at a young age
strung out in cages
some come out of their caves
to discover
amazing brothers and sisters
uncover the mystery of existence
we’re gifted
with wisdom and free will
listen and be still
i breathe with gills
in this prison
of greed and killings
i bleed
and it's spilling into ink
instilled in you
to think
of infinite possibilities
don’t be limited and lost
you’re willingly
mocking your abilities
we could bask in our sorrows
or pave the paths to tomorrow
if you crave wrath
you can borrow some of mine
even in the summer time
it rains acid
in the slums of my mind
my pain lashes at me
i pray to Laksmi
and bask in my pages’ math
you can play and laugh
but i leave that to children
i breathe data to reveal gems
still hem breezes in stratas
kill men that are evil in status
i believe in my madness
makes me see through the sadness
and the deeds
that my habits made me do

i’ll relax
when Brahma’s day is through

verse 2 (stranded):

when day breaks
i escape
leap to the night
get away
sleep when it's bright
in the shade
experience dreams
that don't survive
when i wake
they just slip away
like the rock biter's friends
when the nothing
took them away
life is imagination
there are no boundaries
to what defines fascination
curiosity ascertains
the mind's gravitation
without it
how could data
find its way in
how would the empress
hear what bastion's name is

i'm peering past the same shit
evolution veers
and pathways shift
trails branch
but many fail to advance
'cause they don't have the vision
to see
just a blank stare
or a pale glance
only a few
can feel it
like braille hands
such sight
brings things together
that nails can't
events unfold
at the end of the road
new beginnings
every end
continues to go
when the moon has risen
i enter the true and living
we pretend that we know
so very certain
even though
we can't be certain
what we perceive
isn't a show
so easily believe
what they never really could know
it seems silly
but still
it is so
and many
who have disagreed
have been killed
as a result
leave the children alone
let them decide what they feel
on their own
your mind
is the window sill
of your soul
it's okay that we're different
why can't you just chill
like it's cold
like a critter's quills
when it rolls
that's better than
your momma's
pillsbury dough
but there's no solution
'cause if someone stupid
travels faster than light
they're still very slow

plenty of power
under the hood
but no one
behind the wheel
in control
it's like
a mine field
in the snow
beauty abounds
of which
only those
who keep
their eyes peeled
can behold

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  1. Excuse my language but holy fucking shit! It is what it is. Both of you really brought inspiration. This track won't die.......