Friday, October 12, 2012

lonewolf(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded  -  seraphguard

prod. by snake vs crane

verse 1 (stranded):

he was all alone
or so he thought
an entire world
below his skull
millennia ago
pangea began to float apart
but despite that distance
he now knows abroad
are there with him
even though they're not

the bond that music forms
spans infinity
transcends proximity
he's by himself
but not alone
paradoxic chemistry
brotherhood merges
and in between
they share common interests
who constitute his siblings
they give him reasons
to want to leave
the solitude he lives with

much like a star
he roams planes
largely unoccupied
but just as far
as those stars
are not combined
he takes a step back
and counts the stars
across the sky
there are many
but when you focus
the rest lie outside
the outline
of what you decided to notice

he learns his lesson
for humble incurs acceptance
while pride
can blind the stubborn
and blur the message
that's not to say
that such mistakes
would not recur
they're expected
he's always been alone
so despite his new family
spread across
this spinning globe
a certain degree
of isolation
is still his home

verse 2 (seraphguard):

a lone wolf
who abandoned the pack
he went in
head first
without a plan of attack
he had managed to stack
about a grand
in a sack
buried deep in some sand
in a burlap
behind the abandoned building
where the land had collapsed
it was the day
he ran away
of where he would have to stay
but that's the breaks
he didn't believe in the words
he'd have to say
"i'm sorry"
would have been
end of story
the weather added
to this sad display
never again
would he ever
look his dad in the face
he was quick witted
but he had
an even faster mouth
so-called friends
became estranged
when he asked
to crash on the couch
"you're a useless bastard now"
someone they would laugh about
it got to the point
where it was well past a doubt
that all of his luck
at last
ran out
his funds evaporated like water
he took refuge
at the condemned building
sleeping in a dilapidated corner
burning junk
kept him captivated and warmer
years passed by
as he began pan handling
but the saddest thing
was the reflection of his face
in the loose change
his dad just handed him

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