Friday, October 12, 2012

photographicmemory(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded  -  seraphguard  -  white lotus

prod. by snake vs crane

verse 1 (stranded):

a child was born in vain
only for her mother to die
while she was on the way
she came out face down
she never saw her face
she aged taking the blame
for why her father was absorbed by pain
'cause she was ignorant
to what went on in his brain
he could tell her
how he was torn two different ways
by the joy and the pain
joy for her
for the woman from which she came
but she knew he loved her
so she would never believe what he'd say
so he let things just be as they may
it wasn't something that needed to change
despite their despair
the love between them remained
he's been on a dark journey
since that day
seeing her in that coffin
sparked an eternal flame
he thought of her often
and drifted away
the harder he focused
the further he strayed
he left the planet
but visited on a regular base
to mourn at her grave
in silence
for there were no amount of words he could say
to soothe his soul
or to explain
how he felt
borderline to insane
he read her book
but never got to the last page
and he was far more than a chapter away
the pages abandoned when she passed away
there was so much he had to say
but he always bit his tongue
now he'll never get rid of the aftertaste
never will the emptiness evaporate
his heart broken
never to heal
it was only held together
by his daughter's will

both women
make him feel the same
but it's different
'cause his daughter's a constant reminder
of what he's missing
looking at her
just as much as it didn't
an unknown force
doubled his vision
it was blurred
but he saw her and her mother in it
he would close his eyes
to shut out the image
but that only made it much more vivid

verse 2 (seraphguard):

it was in a locket
he kept as a memento
put it in the front pocket
of an old rental
under his vest
lay his naked stress
he would rock it as a stencil
he had never spoken to her before
even though
he had always meant to
not sure of what was about to ensue
he held tightly to the invitation
that came out of the blue
wrapped in a ribbon
and then powdered with glue
he planned to taker out
and around at the zoo
thought he could
make it all up to her
but then
he doubted it too
he had been
granted the gift of mercy
never thought
he'd again see
the face of compassion
but on this trip to jersey
maybe it could happen
work was a major distraction
so he quit dispersedly
whatever it takes
perhaps then
she'd become the only light
left in his life
since the split from his wife
trying to sleep
through the stress
in the night
he ducked out
before her due date
thought it was too late
but now he finds himself
standing outside their new place

verse 3 (white lotus):

and ever since his first birthday
he never seen his father
who always worked late
come home licking the plate
then off to bed
moms got no attention
sick of his shit
and left
not that she felt
he wasn't a good provider
it was more about
how he was a selfish liar
his belt dealt fire
after a few drinks of whiskey
not lucid
becomes abusive
and tipsy
they made an escape
at a later date
young boy says to his mother
'i hate this'
'i hate YOU'
'why did you take me from daddy?'
as he sleeps
on a bench seat
in the back of a caddy
years had passed
moms thinks he'd forgotten
one night
pretends to sleep
playing possum
contempt for his mother
he seemed to blame HER
outside pop's window
two kids and a strange girl

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