Friday, October 12, 2012

quietcontemplation(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

seraphguard  -  killer falcon  -  seraphguard  -  stranded

prod. by snake vs crane

verse 1 (seraphguard):

he had an honest query
decided to make his way
up to the monastery
feared being alone
but it was not as scary
as the implications
of the unknown
he stopped
but barely
discarded his phone
and proceeded atop an airy field
among the mosses
usually clung to losses
but it was a time of change
and he had just begun the process
along the trail
he saw a monk
sitting in contemplation
upon his arms
were paintings
the art was amazing
with the calmest patience
and the smarts of the ancients
he started waiting
saw a serene breeze
shuffle over the green trees
grazed prayer wheels
to the chirps of cicadas
carved in gold
were rare seals
denoting certain vedas
higher still
passing a pond of lily pads
his mind tempered
by his fire will
forgot what made him really sad
at last
he reached the mountain pass
then the peak
looked down upon the land
littered with the vastest creeks
he observed his reflection
in a river
seemed so much clearer
than the man in the mirror
to himself
he felt he'd been delivered

verse 2 (killer falcon):

a lone poet
wanders in the trees
clutches pen and pad
dims a glow of tranquility
sense of purpose
settles on a path of leaves
cross legged posture
ready for the masterpiece
in the grasp of peace
he opens up the chakras
wrote his finest scrolls
with inspiration of the forest
whispers of a redwood
seep a silent wisdom
soaks in their awareness
heights redefine his vision
a conscious presence
found in every sapling
among the bees and birds
connections everlasting
discard mental barriers
taken off the masking
saw life in purest form
droplets wash away the fallacy
hits a blinding light
ascension of divine strength
inhales a timeless breath
transcending life or death
the unrefined essence
beyond flesh and blood
found all things below
blends with everything above
assertive inner peace
temple surging
he observes
a moment
transcending all the hell on earth
total ego dissolution
as nature
he became one
harmonious with all
the inner sage shone

verse 3 (seraphguard):

an unassuming lady
who found delight
in the mundane and grand
from a cold town in england
preferred the sun rays and sand
one day unplanned
she paid a grand
found herself
on the mexican hills
looking like waves in the land
back home
she had a mazatec inscribed
sword of iron
then fully restored like zion
but it was about more than
buying a collector's item
she simply had
an insatiable curiosity
for the mayan
said her sight was sore
so she could skip the guided tour
she sneaked down some pyramid steps
behind the shore
she tried the door
stepped inside with awe
tears streamed down her face
like she never cried before
saw something shining beside the floor
she almost had a heart attack
when she realized
it was an artifact
it was still sharp
in fact
she touched the symbols carved in black
and thought what it would be like
if she brought it back
both bold and shallow
she grabbed the bow and arrow
standing before a statue
resembling a golden pharaoh
cold and narrow
held it tight
like how a bone holds the marrow
knowing she'd be looking upon it
in her home
in harrow

verse 4 (stranded):

while it's strange
what many consider noise
performs in a way
that teleports him away
all it takes
is a yin and yang snake
to swirl with a crane
and something goes on
in his brain
he grows
like fast forwarding age
and presses onward
to explore
his head's dormant remains
he lights up regions
that have
seldom seen
their neurons aflame
his sight travels beyond
his actual eyes'
normal restraints

no longer held
by the force field
he escapes
and vanishes
like a man with a
vortical face
where he arrives
is an incorporeal place
not unlike where
neo and morpheus trained
amorphous terrain
with absence
when he leaves
his memory
of before
is so vague
all he remembers
is it exists
not the world it contains
he always wonders afterward
what tore him away
but just the knowledge
that it happened
endorphins the pain

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