Saturday, October 6, 2012

thetruthdepictselation(prod by kwervo)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by kwervo

so suddenly
by all
the impact
to walls
when they're caving in
the sight
and expectation
amalgamate to climax
in an overwhelming sensation
on contact
adrenal explosion
a volcanic episode
will you manage
or will you
because there's so much pressure

maintain balance
a steady hand
so to speak
the serene nature
of moments
like when eyes
slowly blink
the period of time
that when they're closed
you think
and sink
unexplored ocean
in an epiphaniacal instance
you realize
your primary interests
all else shoved aside
as you follow
whatever left your mind
with its imprint
the path i walk
that which is sought
will be learned

the interpretation
of the walkingstick bird

after all
who you actually are
should not be
lost to the earth
belongs on its perch
from the shadows
monsters emerge
crawl to the surface
be yourself
embrace your flaws
you're not perfect
the imperfections
are what make impressions
on the thoughts of observers
you are admonished
to let your consciousness flourish
and blossom
like sakura's courage
when she decided
to get stronger
so as to not depend
on naruto further
these words
embody wisdom
like the goddess minerva
you must not surrender
you can only venture
as far as your fervor
lethargic prey
cannot escape
the jaws of inertia
are you absent or present
will you sit back
in concession
or attack with aggression
with whatever
will act as a weapon
the wounds of which
are lasting impressions
if you're not competitive
the predator
is your own acquiescence

tooth and nail
or you will fail
to what a spine
can achieve
with a broken disc
i can't stand people
who are mistreated
and don't resist
there isn't a world in which
a single hero exists
that could save someone
who won't hold their fate
in their own two fists
if you careened over a cliff
what good would a rope be
if you won't reach for it
and close your grip
in order to teach
one doesn't need
a whole bunch of fish

the student determines
where their school is
learning's only extent
is their curiosity
they absorb the knowledge
each is open to get
they must be interested
or the implement
won't make a dent
cannot be forced
on those
who don't give a shit
take responsibility
be yourself
it will help you find serenity
be proficient
in the ways
of 'within the mind' agility
what's in
divides you all
until complete
in much the same way
provide specific things

it's like paintings
they're made up
of several brush strokes
you can't see the images
they're meant to project
from up close
move back
and the depictions
will begin to unfold
the vague
becomes vivid
when you pivot the scope

accepting queens
doesn't mean
you surrender control
you can acknowledge
their existence
and not do what you're told
could it be
resistance isn't written
in a bee's genetic code
or perhaps
it fears the consequences
at the end of that road
but perhaps
you can only get
where you're willing to go
if you don't pose a challenge
how will you ever know

with just one feather
from a crow
i ascend to the sky
his act of generosity
permits me to fly
he plucked it from his wing
to initiate mine
grateful for the pen
i soar the wind
at his side
the beat
a quill i fill
with ink from my mind
i write what i feel
the rhyme it builds
increases in size
all it needs is some time
and patience
he provides

galaxies collide
but life
comes out the other side
an entrance can be an exit
it depends
on the set of eyes
so before you make decisions
consider what's next in line
'cause whatever you decide
gets heavier over time

hook ( x2 )

for those who say
that hope is for fools
i say hope is a fuel
if you use it
to drive you forward
you can go where you choose
you can't just hope
and wait for roses to bloom
if they're not nourished
they cannot flourish
and grow from their roots
nothing exists on its own
you must give
to what you wish to be grown
we're all symbiotic cogs
that spin for the whole
the bigger picture
the eyes of ANY behold
only thing you control
is the pixel
you contribute
to the image that's shown

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