Sunday, August 19, 2012

canal(prod by cairo beats)

track is from morning star's album:

philosophy of the kali yuga

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

morning star - stranded

verse 1(morning star)

the automated nature
of well-trodden paths
has me seeking
a new light
in the evening
i ask the crowd
who follows
and who steps to be the leader
i watch
who stands apathetically
and does neither
my seed shows strength
and grows
like cedar and oak
as deep roots are soaked
with holly essences
i struggle
with my breathlessness
so i sacrifice
strands of energy collection
for protection
from the poison
in the heavens
as the winds fly by
and sandblast my egocentrism
to bypass all external criticism
the table has turned
the burned idols
the understandings that diminish
the race to the bottom
getting close to its finish
a cave system
that became an archetype
of searching for no meaning
place an entire population
far beyond redeeming
reshaping consciousness
both through saturation and omission
you’re best to evaluate
whether your actions
are building someone else’s mission
because our years
are of deception
and survival will entail
a fine refining of perception
to swallow pride
to watch the void
start to subside
in this realm
of hungry ghosts
i increase my lung capacity
to stay self-sufficient
in my sailing
amassing energy
between my spine and my navel
the divine make me able
watch me and stranded
fuck it up
and leave this axis unstable
got something to prove
still try to strangle the groove
under my hoof
thats my criteria
build and destroy
from north america to syria
i give all
to face the wall
before my last seconds
thirds and fourths
i blast wisdom
with my cohorts

por los siglos
de los siglos
de los siglos

verse 2(stranded)

minor adjustments
i take steps
like double helix
one flight
could be hundreds
each path
goes beyond its production
i wander
my walkingstick
never not in my clutches
so go ahead
think i'm lost
i'll applaud your assumption
like zodd's approach
as the darkness is coming
i'm not alive
the human body
is death
my consciousness
stuck in
an inmate to society
and the problems
it comes with
people are eager
to waste their time
but i am reluctant
the application of clocks
is highly disruptive
so i seek
to leave my body
but keep
cognitive function


as in
the inability to die
if you switched
with 'be governed'

free from the tubes
the tunnels
that we must use
by outliers
what else could we do
we just want
to live our lives
and be ourselves
when we do
to deny us this
is to be
an elephant shoe

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