Monday, August 13, 2012

gard/e/ns(prod. by no one)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by no one

no one knows
the life
that stellar oceans hold
next to nothing
of the dark parts
and little
of those that glow
if ghosts exist
do you think
we have ghosts alone
there would be
ghosts of aliens
and there's no limit
to where a ghost can go

during transformation
a lycan's skeleton
is restructured
bone for bone
resulting in
suffering the sensation
of the breaking
of every one of its bones
they're hunted
whether or not
they've got themselves
under control
in addition to this threat
they undergo
the difficulty
of their own machinations
they may become
captive patients
of apathetic individuals
because of their
scientific fascinations
in a lab
in cages
only to be freed
for ghastly experimentation
there are even those
that would eat them
and do you know
what that procedure entails
in order to do so
they must be kept alive
while the meal is prepared
they would revert
to how they
ideally appear

that word is used backwards
it would be humane
that's how humans
typically behave


powder gripped a man
as his prey's life
slipped away
to the after
i wish i could convey
the sentiment
his empathetic display
perhaps then
they would disobey
their sinister
innate aspirations
and evolve
their minds
beyond their skull's expanse
allow me to double back
to how this all began
how could we
what matters in space
when we don't even know
what matters
on our OWN
ball of land
the human species
is what's wrong
they're damned
peace can only rise
with the fall of man

hook (x 2)

the hanging garden
vague stars lit
by artificial pollution
the damage
humans do
only hurts themselves
the planet's
indifferent to it
its many parasites
the host
continues moving
as if it will
throw them off
on some
uber-centrifuge shit
and leave them
to orbit
like little moon bits
the earth left
to quietly float
like an empty cruise ship
free from those
who would pose
an endless nuisance

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