Sunday, February 21, 2016

sabreteeth(prod. by poison flowerz!)

written and performed by sea/swordz

prod. by poison flowerz!

sea/swordz (pronounced sea of swordz)


poison flowerz!



tigers and cranes
large fangs
the biting of false brains
to administer death
not sustenance
the lack of substance
zero gravity
lacks the suction
i disappear
nearing the anatomy of astral functions
but not quite
i’m not light enough
to grasp such sun-strength
my framework is far too shadowful
darkness abounds
my thoughts in a shroud
that’s shatterproof
even though i don’t
i walk around in a scramble suit
scanning the dull
mannequin lulled
phantom barraged
transparent skulled
pandered to mobs
that do NOTHING
to supplant the facade
they accept it
with the full wingspan of their arms
to NOT be in command of their thoughts
ANYTHING to keep from having
to examine their hearts
they stalk the land of the lost
brains washed
bleach removes stains
but damages cloth
time’s a prison
for what’s the reach
of the hands on a clock
it has three
but it can’t even box
fuck a world
that reprimands deeper thought
how is sleep
the most freedom we got
and even that
is besieged by a clock
you can’t escape society
if you leave it or not

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