Sunday, October 30, 2016

musashimoonbabble(prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

menes the pharaoh
psionic paul

prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz (anübis dōhji & 7 arm'd labyrinth)

verse 1: (menes the pharaoh)

cutting up tracks
like a broken wakazashi
never sloppy
off the top
like opium poppies
monsters of the pond kid
with the jabberwockyz
archaic prototypes
wander the mojave
arachnid wolf spider
chases you under moonlight
and bites into your shadow
strictly to consume light
broken gauntlets
rare form of a pathogen
airborne nucleus
attacking your brainstems
aesemon the executioner
sever heads for no price
its weight in blood
will suffice
and sacrifice
hang ‘em high
so the wind taste their sorrows
bringing no tomorrows
whenever in the hollows
stepping to the function
like musashi on the bridge
and breaking all your ribs
with one kick
and a molten fist
making wooded swords
out of wooden paddles
prepare for battle
like i’m shaking death’s rattle
snake versus crane
cause hysteria
impairing ya
no sparring partner ever survived
no sparing ya

verse 2: (psionic paul)

my mental stays altered kid
my thoughts is disturbing
spaced out author
talking in circles
thoughts is a blur
i thought i was certain he’s raw
but i heard he’s awkward in person
psionic paul IS studentz
just an alternate version
and my crew is like a gang
of schizophrenic heathens rapping
and he been acting odd as fuck
in ciphers
eating acid
studentz sniffing dust
the lifestyle rugged
then leave the hospital
chewing shrooms
like it’s nothing
he’s confused
cartoon nurses treat his wounds
he starts babbling ‘bout reptar
every time he sees the moon
slang ragged

act like i’m still a kid
the way i dress and walk is mega grimy
looking ill as shit
an emcee’s voice gets shaky
if they’re ever put against us
baggy champion hoodie
and lash psychotic wind gusts
amnesia in the cipher
i barely even started yet
psionic paul
the villain
like his fucking arm’s possessed

verse 3: (sea/swordz)

my eyes are slinkies
walking steps
i’m swamp possessed
wandering a pond
where monsters rest
with a mind of altered consciousness
swords protrude
like poison
that sasori’s puppet’s pores would ooze
use little forks for food
the kind of stuff
that rugged orphans do

a spaceship stowaway

i didn’t ask permission
i just snuck in through the lower bay
headed for the bridge
to commandeer the ship
and float away
like a reflection
when a mirror disassociates
disappearing like a ghost in space

spectral dissipation
dialectic innovation
our rhymes extend our lives
like we’re in cryogenic incubation

on the horizon
could there be a metamorphosis
lurking in specific moon coordinates
could he visit soon
manifest from this cocoon
torn to bits
perched upon a cloaked
amaterasu cloud forest limb
only time will tell
if i compelled him to transform again
and if when he arrives
he has musashi cloud tree swords with him

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