Sunday, June 19, 2016

transcensionripples(prod. by le masque de fer)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by le masque de fer


a cyborg consults
with a primordial ghost
hovering above an iceberg
while the earth explodes
the planet breaking
as a swarm of locusts
channels hatred

off the sword coast
a tsunami’s waving
say hello to the conclusion
of your pathetic lives
the only way forward
is if humans are anesthetized
but i mean that in reference
to my insensitivity
to the gamut of pain
that they will experience
when they die

and may they suffer
as they fade into forgottenness
the moment marked
by a planet
as a monolith
such senseless existence
has been permitted
for too long
but this particular instance
can be made right
with two wrongs

the shadows teeming with life
when this light evaporates
these two go together
like the theme
sagal and applegate
if you don’t know
just trust
that when i speak such things
they’re accurate
with every word i thrust
you see my blades assassinate
parental advisory
violence steeped in bloodshed
it’s like sasori’s/puppetz
with a duffle squeezing cut heads

i got the sort of mind
that’s question mark porcupine

my neural current’s high
countless tiny torches shine
any shred of sanity
i may possess
is borderline
my brain’s aura’s a flame
on an oscura spine

a dark creature
with stark features
that polarize
like what you see
in the evening
when you gaze up
at a rural sky

living with humans
could not be more despised
i hate society
the false foundation of a world designed
to destroy imaginations
mass indigo auracide
they try to suppress
the truth inside
the blue and violet orbit

suicidal orphans
who want to kill themselves
because they find themselves surrounded
by such stupid mindless corpses
despite the pain
evolution’s quite absorbent
like images
that bloom inside of orchids
at best
any solution tied
to [who am i?]’s distorted
i can’t quite pin down
the roots from which
i grew to this importance
subtleties abound
this book i live’s
a pseudonymous forest
i blossom on a loop
like my cocoon just keeps reforming
we’re surrounded by pollution
disillusionments assorted
an atmosphere so gruesome
there’s no euphemism for it

most are so used to it
they’re torpid
while it’s prudent
that we address
the senescence of our future
they ignore it
it’s baffling
how foolish
people effortlessly are
the brain’s capacity
and use
the deficit is large
we’re roughly 93 million miles away
connected to a star
there’s no such thing as magic
accept a deck of cards

you fucking imbeciles
fully fill me with rage
my imagination’s body count
couldn’t fit into graves
so many souls to ferry
that in the initial days
with the weight on the styx river
it would’ve been displaced
the whole passage evaporated
dry as a pharaoh’s bones
so much so
that they’d need more
than reintroducing wolves to yellowstone
even the best of intentions
could pave
the most hellish of roads
despite what they are
aren’t parallel to results


  1. But then again its them its their fault
    One very well knows if they are in a hell hole
    Doing what you can with what you have means you should develop soul
    Endless hopes wrote down that trails home spending your whole reading unread quotes
    Some have to have expelled themselves chose to fail alone believing in someone else they don't feel what was felt ask them they will loathe you and tell you no but they lie they are the battery to their cellphone
    Its never on lest a call set alarm or until you hold it it drains your palm we hate our minds do there its held close