Sunday, August 18, 2013

latentcorridors(prod. by shoe string rebelz)

written and performed by :

sea/swordz (pronounced :  sea of swordz)

prod. by shoe string rebelz

verse (sea/swordz) :

shoe string tourniquet
submit to sharper brain graphs
looping on a journey
through the missing marble vein shafts
movements are determined

stars observed
medicinal visit
to the a-u-r-al herbalist
nature walks all surfaces
all perspectives utilized
there are a slew
of viewpoints accessible

use your eyes

who am i
to decide
the tide the moon provides
these are independent movements
i have naught to do with

time is an awful nuisance
often clueless
i wander blueprints
their chakra root snipped

fleeting holographic transience

how is it
that something
of so little interest
can reach inside your thoughts
and delete them
before the ideas are invented

how clever these phantoms are
damaging cogs with wrenches

we're distracted
distracted again
by the resulting vengeance

sun tzu already mentioned
how can checkmate be momentous
if you maneuver in a way
so you don't play
the chess game
to  begin with

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