Wednesday, March 11, 2015

inadvertentfacade(prod. by seph one)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by seph one

my most consistent
meditative procedure
is to listen
to a particular piece of music
regenerate through the speakers
with a drifting away demeanor
i begin to fade
’til i’m vague
dissipate to the ether
permeate distant realms

i wear a human costume
like evil lizards
my detached shadow
to defeat avengers
and set the table
for galactus to eat his dinner
planet on a platter
he BETTER be a decent tipper
i’ll cut through his power
like ryuko
with a piece of scissor
thousands of strikes
streaking inward
sounding like a rockslide
skipping across ice
that sheets a river
just the thought
of such an attack
would cause a galaxy to shiver
like walking through the snow
in ballerina slippers
i’m like black bolt
for at least a winter
to study an esoteric book
on how to speak a whisper

the apparitional waves
the patterns
of how specific transmissions behave
in relation to the gadget
that picks up what they say
governs the apprehension of things

meteoric tempest ensues
clever minds escher-ize
bending the rules
that which is pressurized
will eventually ooze
you cannot contend with
the within that protrudes
you can only change the shape
of what’s in the balloon

i hail from midian
a cocoon
within which
only perpetual emptiness looms
an eternity spent in a school
fish akin
to those who swim
in the most hidden of pools
and only live when they do
forever drawn to the epicenter of truth

a facade
that was never meant to be
it just materialized
at the end of a string
a kite
sent to a key
the course of a splintering tree
the soil flinching beneath
the roots of an entire forest
beginning to BE
there are moments
that trigger chains of events
key points
where several stages begin
equations that can’t be solved
with algorithmic attempts
there are no boundaries
for such things to exist
these are calculations
generated without the basis
of any conscious intent
but on occasion
one may capture
a precognitive glimpse
see things
that the present vaguely portends
but interpretation
can obstruct subtle hints
so tread carefully
many passengers can be spirited
into the air we breathe

the birds i admire most
build nests
in imaginary trees
on a quest to wander
where their walkingstick’s trail will lead
wide awake
but don’t fail to dream
imagining life
away from the scale they’ve seen
they don’t just color outside the lines
they start with a new sheet of paper
you ain’t going to tell them
what they can draw
they ain’t machines
if they are
they’re no longer the pawns
that they may have been
they’ve evolved to contemplating beings
a sentient
fate alteration league
for the cause of breaking free
erase walls for caging beasts
to give them the freedom
necessary to shape belief

indigo dust
you’ll get your dome crushed
trying not to let a creature
shed its own husk

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