Tuesday, May 26, 2015

losthaibane(prod. by zen studentz)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

7 arm'd labyrinth - sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by zen studentz

verse 1: (7 arm'd labyrinth)

i walk with scissor legs
and lost control of thoughtforms
them passages get blasted open
who am i to say i know
while crossing forks
torn and godless as the haibane
astrologic contemplation
caught within the tides unphased
and kept the balance
just barely

rascal who ain’t know himself

despondent cloud
in auric forms
that hide a golden shell

attic dwelling villains
crypted in the mist
crypted cryptic vision
visiting the crypt in which i live

and blasted back
by souls that’s captured in abyss
my shadow self was present
turned and gasped
then asked just what this is
he said
the bird ever existed
and the egg you guard’s illusions
head for exits far from truth
until his head was scarred and bruised
and all you get’s bizarre conclusions
seeing planets in my vinyl crates
i’m haunted
like an unsuccessful haibane
who hasn’t seemed to find its way

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

he wanders misbegotten paths
blindly trodden flat
as if his eyes were methodically
tied shut by each lash
only granted permission
to scantly envision time collapse
stranded with the sand
that drips inside the glass
each grain is like his sanity
abandoning him
while they splash
he’s just an anachronistic
random glitch in its biomass
just because he disagrees
doesn’t mean he is iconoclast
he just wants to leave
and be free to seek
sand for his own personal glass
he can’t resist his wander staff
no prison could make him stay
his glow being engulfed
he is a ghost who lives to fade away
a familiar jolt
he feels a pulse
within his soul
a sigil radiates
he ventures toward
this gentle source
a mental form of intercourse
those with whom he builds with
forge thought-streams
to which
remarkable offspring will be born
ideas generated
by those who chose not to be ill-informed
shadowalking in worlds
the vast majority ignores
the worlds that he adores

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