Friday, November 1, 2013

massmurder(prod. by last eon)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

viceversa & stranded

viceversa & stranded = iridophoric/pseudomorphs

prod. by last eon

verse 1(viceversa):

prefecture's crumbling arches
candle snuffer
damsel ruptured
in regency clothing
secretly scolding vignettes
death headed hawk moth
mucking about
disfigured elephant miscarriage
murder crow intravascular
coagulating thalamus
artificial cranial deformation
impending martyrdom
1000 dead toads
lying around the edges
corvens extracting livers
brindle 2 stringed cello
mandelbrot labyrinth
allopath alteration
chronic skin picking
autoerotic asphyxia
pothole colonic meridian
CPV2 canid kennel crucifix
intestinal crypt
and lymph node parvo virus

stronghold cited
barcode binded
humid marsh
mutated amoeba clown loach
groucho marx
mouth hole
goucho gallows
the suicide of judas
electronic fog
rogue wave
battered into ruins
glass model of sea creatures
circa 1900's
plot a course
on the nautilus
throw caution to arctic winds
robbing again
picking locks
with her forgotten bobby pins
fluorescent sea
feline declawed
in priests garb
grindcore cyborgs
made of iron ore
vermillion mist drifted

sitting in the throne
in the form of an eagle's head

verse 2(stranded):

as i listen
to the words
of carmine moth
our thoughts relate
yet far away
like cryofume
hoffman paint

a lepidopteran race
with nearly discarnate flanks
that ate flowers
of darkness flame
and drank from
lycanthropic veins
lost a crucial link
in their symbiotic chain
and crossed a golden gate
to a glaucopsychic grave

ravens assemble
like flames at vigils
devouring larvae
before they become
what they're changing into

hunger is no threat
with skulls
below the necks of moths
as long as
there are honey bees
such a creature
will never starve
although what it eats
lies where they rest
in vaults
so to speak
they still enter the hive
extra calm
mimicking the scent
the indigenous insects
give off
golden trap
olfactory perception

how is it that
out of all the places
on a bird of prey
a man makes his nest
in its jaws

a theoretical mess
wandering aimlessly
through a formulaic treasure chest
the path of the ever-quest
as if wearing
a fathomless
fractal-feathered headdress
stretching outward
like donnie darko's
astral tethered chest
an elaborate
path channel vector thread

a stellar explosive like
polar light
an entire dimension
of complex
coded photo life

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