Monday, May 2, 2011

livingdead(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by snake vs crane

this song is from the bonus disc on 'truth on the table vol. 2'


you fuckers are like mummies
you're alive
but why
when will you open your eyes
stop being blind
watching the lies
as if it's not an obvious crime
you'd rather not know
out of sight out of mind
but the problems you hide from yourself
will find you in time
the future is a bridge
you have to build while you're crossing
it's like magneto in his lair
moving steel while he's walking
tell the truth
if the truth
was a film
would you watch it
when you listen to what i'm spitting
do you feel philosophic
is there evolution
or is futility constant
that depends entirely
on the will of the conscious
you must be awake
to know your own strength
you're living in the matrix
those who sleep won't escape
fuck a pill and morpheus
you don't have to wait
you can get out by yourself
fucker hold your own weight
don't rely on others
to discover your fate
it's true
the amount of time
you will suffer is great
but that's what it takes
you need to reach uncomfortable states
it will serve your purpose
to get further in touch with your hate
like when the object of your love is erased
you may think i'm wrong
but that's another debate
to embrace love and forsake hate
is just a mistake
but do what you will
cipher wanted good food
so he squealed
you can ignore
but i'm going to make sure
the truth is revealed

without question
like drogan's pronounced preference
for the keeper of the deeper well
cannot endow deception
for those of you
who are unfamiliar with what i speak
just chill
it's peace
you must experience the source of my words
to reveal what they mean

and that is life
unique to the individual
don't try to fight it
no two people can be identical
nor should they
we are meant
to be fingerprints
it's in our very nature
to be distinct within
embrace yourself
push away
from everything else
this is a case
where it's okay
that ignorance helps
fuck that which distracts
always fuck that which distracts
if you don't
you'll always wish you did
after the fact
so just do it
on some nike shoe shit
i'm trying to tell you true shit
i ain't trying to sell you music
fuck fans
i want fellow students
who are eager to learn
and teach in return
with some better blueprints

but you stubborn motherfuckers
are stupid
you're not determined enough
to carry the burden of evolution
like a storm when it's brewing
holding umbrellas
so you'll never be more than a human
while you're content
i'm thirsty as shit for improvement
so dehydrated
i'm wading in a water illusion
and despite the mirage
i'm still moving toward the fluid
slowly but surely
like phosphorous burning
this will be
a prosperous journey
even if the results
are posthumous earnings
the truth is that important
it is not to be hurried
it's better to be right last
than to be wrong first
the point is to know the truth
not for people to know you
the nobel prize is attractive
it distracts the chosen few
those interested in their work
than the awards
their progress in the darkness
substantially ignored
but if you're a master
they don't have to hand you the torch
for wu li dancers
understand what's important
and because of who they are
they cannot ignore it
just as roots can't abandon their forest
i am stranded on this planet in orbit
held here by intangible forces
my sanity tortured
but i persevere
like i'm trying to reach the perfect career
and on this journey
my search is sincere
for persistence
is the difference between circles and spheres
i will find peace on earth and adhere


  1. What you is when evolution isn't rooted, youre neither a being or human
    Definition of a mutant?
    Or is a human a gifted mutant clueless as to what the burden is like this is useless
    To be determined from the acts foolish
    Is like fast food in your gut for fuel with knowing you eat it to remain in confusion
    They are banished from themselves cant remove this, pack of anti wild rabid or an alien introduces his or herself with a starship now whose uses illusions
    Is it me you them or bravery gone
    Replaced by popular vote the slavery bonds
    Until the one who is awake is god
    Because they are an image that you can perceive how you want
    Attraction of the instinct to take charge
    Leads us to battle they lost
    When one or few slays all
    A repeat of past wars but a lesson because their isnt murder but their is blades and scars

  2. But will you escape assault
    When they return for vengeance will you make them hault
    And turn away because they forgot
    Due to not learning on their own not knowing if its fake or not
    Hmmmm dont break the law,
    Of psychology since psychos are psychotic therefore the psyche is bound to be sick but is this a hailed flaw
    Or is it the lack of those who care not making certain a traitors caught

  3. They only commit to the day job
    And continue to only pace and watch
    over the advancement of each worker as if one could go somewhere else other than their paid for part
    People need