Friday, May 6, 2011

photophobia(prod. by fivesicks)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by fivesicks


i've seen the light
it's just a part of space
perpetually getting dark
a vision i cannot erase
in a prison i cannot escape
for it's made up of
my collected thoughts
the way out
has been bestowed
upon a distance
i have yet to walk
i'm walking
but along the way
i'm drawn away
but i'm better off
that's not such an awful thing
curiosity taught me things
i saw myself
he said 'walk this way'
'a hollow world awaits'
i replied 'what world?'
'your mind's current state'
so i followed
and got swallowed
by a swirl of space
arrived at my idea
of the perfect place
but it was just that
an idea
i'm not there
but i'm on the way
up a monstrous flight of steps
and the stairs lead to another case
but i don't care
i'm aware of the existence of peace
for i've experienced the lack thereof
what not relaxing does
so i keep climbing
until they're reached
so someday i may look back above
but what will i have become
i will have gained peace
but by subtracting what
a vampire sees light
from a perspective
that only shadows touch
they turn to ash in sun
in order to eat
they have to hunt
i've known this is how it would be
since my path begun
but i did not let this affect my decision
i was after blood
i took each step with conviction
with the intention to splash my tongue
so there you have it son
i could take my fill
'til the human race is killed
but i fasted months
and i will continue to do so
like raizen
when he decided
that he would no longer
continue to consume souls
i will not contribute to this loophole
spiraling down
reliving mistakes
with the knowledge
that while reliving them
few know
so i will spit until you know
but when you receive a gift
you must remove the ribbons and bows
and unwrap it
nothing happens if you don't
what's forsaken grows
becoming what
to he who forsakes
is unknown
so go wherever curiosity may take you
and make it your home

is a strong but slow man
if you catch what i'm saying
then you don't throw hands
you hold your head with both hands
the real war is going on
inside of you
and you're alone man
the only way to change the program
is to find the dullest grain
among a planet
made of gold sand
in other words
you must search
and look for water
only to discover dirt
i know it fucking hurts
but don't complain
take the pain until it doesn't hurt
the truth is out there
but where does it lurk
before we ask why
we must study first
although it's in space
the answer wanes above the earth
but snowballs
and grows large
from slim chance
to sudden girth
where you're so small
you ain't as tall as the youngest smurf
so slake your hunger and thirst
listen to 'thewalkingstick'
and pay particular attention
to the description of the bird
i see everything
on nothing's turf
if you understand
then what'd you learn what'd you learn

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