Friday, May 6, 2011

swordofprajna(prod. by jophiel)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded - kalki - riishii

prod. by jophiel

this track is from kalki's album 'dark ages'

these are my lyrics only:

the subtleties abound
beauty for miles
i drown
fast evolution
my roots in a cloud
as i am being
slowly introduced to the ground
face down
so i can evaluate what surrounds
on my way down
it's not about being changed
but changed how
i remain the same
while being changed around
it's like a rubik's cube
it's always a cube
it's just the larger of the two
while you alter the smaller cubes
i say two in regard to size
one small and one huge
you can't truly talk your mind
it's impossible to
for one's thoughts live their lives
in ultimate solitude
they can only be shared
in part
with a few
in proportion
to who you do and do not offer them to
food for thought has seeds
it's a remarkable fruit
that is plucked off a tree
with inexhaustible roots
be lost in its leaves
i give autumn to you
answer each of the ideas calling to you
may forever your imagination blossom and bloom
don't be a vic
like doctor von doom
following rules
they're trying to keep you in a bubble
fucker pop the balloon
don't let anybody force you into not being you
that's some bullshit
like a male ox when it poops
don't sit idle
paralyzed and confused
like your body's subdued
get on your feet
like a pair of socks
and some shoes
don't inhale the paradoxical fumes
the air should not be consumed
the stars are after
they are not in cocoons
but that is not to say
that they cannot again bloom
for space consists of exchanges
symbiotic balloons
the hypothetical god molecules
conditions under which
the concept of time is removed
not to be used
it is the lies that weigh you down
you can fly with the truth
trees do not die with their leaves
they die with their roots
so provide them with food
and they will survive
no matter what their bodies would lose
they're quite similar
when they're horizontally viewed
the roots and branches
a somewhat symmetrical form
for trees grow in two directions
when they are born
most of you dumb fucks
should have never been born
you don't even grow in one direction
you're better off gone
my hatred for you
is unparalleled
and it's strong
so much so
it can escape and take tangible form
manifest a head
two legs
hands and two arms
hatred in the flesh
stranded and lost
completely consumed
this is what i am
but i'm calm
to trap it once it possessed me
was my plan all along
however malign
when apprehended and used correctly
it provides
a most powerful supply
of fuel
if you think this is a lie
it's not the truth
then correct me
just know if you try
your attempts will be futile and empty


the sword of prajna
forged as a blade
the truth hurts
its wounds
choreographed pain
a complex dance
the likes of which are sustained
specific pain
that doesn't discontinue or fade
perhaps even beyond death
it will remain
for its presence is not expressed
on a physical plane
you cannot get rid of it
simple and plain
wisdom is not given
it is attained

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