Sunday, May 1, 2011

thespeedofsight(prod. by anabolic)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by anabolic(bhd)


what happens
when you close your eyes
do you go to sleep
or do you think
what the future brings
is way beyond
what you have seen
everything you're waiting for
done came and gone
into better
and that was a while ago
all of that's nostalgia old
i'ma put you in the delorean
and accelerate
to 88 miles per ho
u r
'til you are
back to tomorrow
show you the light
like lighter fluid
on bags of charcoal
take you deeper than what happens
within the time
before and after stars glow
bottom line
i know what y'all don't
so shut up
listen damn it
pretend that you're schizophrenic
i'm the voice that's been implanted
you have no choice
you've been enchanted
so don't resist
withstand it
or you'll cease to exist
and vanish
end up like the result
of what goku and frieza
did to namek
today that is no planet
you may be content with everything
but i'm living famished
i hunger for knowledge
the size
of scooby and shaggy's biggest sandwich
i won't rest
until i'm powerful enough
to make a wish and grant it
if only i could smoke marijuana
without the tissue damage
and regenerate cells
like tails with a lizard's advantage
then i could at least
find some peace
while my goals are being reached
record my progress over beats
'til i'm no longer incomplete
but instead
my cells diminish
and i approach death reluctantly
as lifelessness touches me
i smack it's hand away
if you think that immortality
is something that i can't attain
then you forget
i am insane
which is to attempt
the same actions
in pursuit of new results
cause you and me both
don't have a clue
what the future holds

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