Thursday, May 5, 2011

starcluster(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy


i watch light
shoot across the sky
on a dark night
as i approach death
i absolve life
what is its orbit
or is it just a long line
what is the origin of god like
were they war bringers
that adored fights
with no purpose
other than to cause strife
or was their true purpose taught right
were they misinterpreted
by churches and drawn white
or was their image even human at all like
an entire race
turned into a singular called christ
are we evolution of before
right now
becoming something else
subconsciously hiding from ourselves
the roots of truth
hidden under elms
if we were to search
would we discover elves
ogres and orcs
we may not know
but there is so much more
even if it's
just a figment
our brain's depicted
we ordain existence
for what was first
the egg or chicken
while you feign religion
our true nature
strays like jane's addiction
but i'm not here to make you listen
it's up to each individual
to make decisions
i am just exposing things
fuck otc's
and i don't take prescriptions
i heal like her pinky toe
when hayden snipped it
mutation of my dna's intrinsic
to experience new theories
you must change dimensions
and bloom and blossom
an infinite sum of flower petals
that in the wind
become a cloud of several
that absorbs light
at forthright power levels
after this is done
and the subsequent shower settles
beauty will abound forever
heavy mental
like the temples are endowed with metal
but instead
it's the other way around
mountains challenge pebbles
the human mind is like hyde
when he comes out of jeckyl
we are undeveloped beings
bound to vessels
screaming to get out
like steam whistling out of kettles
but most ignore this
content with bullshit
i wish i could place guns on their tongues
and empty full clips
make a million corpses
they think science fiction is not reality
while entire galaxies spin in orbit
the opposite of amorphous
vivid structures of constructive forces
7th galaxy beats hold me down
with gravity of such proportion
what i wish for is of so much importance
to explore what is dormant
and awaken nature
we're mother's orphans
caged in a humungous fortress
to escape
we must have endurance
create a staff and take the path before us
from this seed
trees will amass a forest
that will flourish
growth that's infinite
you have but to have the courage
to surrender nothing you hold significant
fight for it
don't relinquish it
and you will see things so different
sight will form
that will not be gone
even when the glow of light extinguishes
eyes that pry beyond
the cloak of night's censorship
there will come a time
when air will swirl in the sky
slinging grit
this sandstorm will arrive
derived from fingertips
cloud and wind
mouse clicks and an ink pen's drips
this is an epic saga
a world in which i will ever wander
pure intent
with every breath i conjure
magic established well beyond the realms
of what has been imagined
felt or pondered
warriors of the rainbow
we will attack and conquer
with a kyuubi mass of chakra
make the impact of earth cracked by monsters
tyler durden after progress
we will not stop
until this democracy lacks congress
so read the book of life
and take heed
to what the chapters admonish
and acknowledge
vastly conscious
neglect and erase the distracting nonsense
watch it unexist
this is astrologic
a chamber of moons
one of which i have aligned with
the gravitational pull is macrocosmic
you are unequipped to escape or move
once you're trapped inside it
like you're caught in the fabric
arachnids deposit
from their abdomen pockets
you are preyed upon
the moment we sense the impact of an object
on this web
that emanates at night
and penetrates the light of day
synonymous with darkness
it obliterates the light with shade
the shelter of shadows
indelible black holes
that's how our minds behave
so look within
not without
and concentrate
it's as if
like when a ship
drops out of hyperspace
things appear in the time it takes an eye to blink
speed as fast as the mind can think
go backwards
time will shrink
just as it expanded
like the fluctuation of water
that abandoned and dried the sphinx
it left an impression
like touching paper when you write with ink
it is suggested
that it was once engulfed by a sea
distinct stars implode
and when tomorrow unfolds
my kind is not extinct
like chef and ghost
we leave marks permanent
like froto
when he carried the ring
like togoro in the dark tournament
with telepathic thought turbulence
we attack false nourishment
disrupt its transmission
so you will learn
what you've observed is no organic vision
you were told things
to hold you in place like a planet spinning
taught you're not supposed to think
panic stricken
so you'll believe to grow
is to inflate and explode
like veins in an aneurysm
but in most cases
what is banned and forbidden
is just another name for the place
where answers are hidden
did god make man in his image
or is it god that man invented
the truth is out there
search for it
don't just lie inert and dormant
we're not here to serve and worship
think about it
that's what the church wanted
they're the ones that benefit
they're getting rich
while the only way to get to heaven
is with a death certificate
but just because there are lies behind the bible
doesn't make it less significant
it was predated
taken from several different scripts
changed just a little bit
they described god as aliens visiting

1 comment:

  1. But Hades snipped it
    The magik only in civilazations district
    The Greek sneak and put it in the anus bitches
    Just to prove you lack awareness is more true than you remaining hidden
    But you'd thank the vision
    And check your ass just in case your wisdom
    Doesn't suffice for your own navigational widget
    Vehicular or vessel the name of the makers imprinted
    On the bottom left but a body isn't shaped like a picture frame or is it
    Stranded for so long long this guy could contemplate in digits
    But I do not choose to leave one alone
    Long enough to grow
    To become too far from the home
    All things have not gone against by calling it the globe
    But if you look in the mirror inequities bubbles
    Leave it alone
    Or push from two sides puss explodes
    Was it supposed
    to be there for something else or only a disease not deadly enough for its result to just flow
    Like lava rolls
    Out to destroy everything in its path but it becomes so
    Fertile for the unknown
    The unknown being future generations that must know
    What they don't
    If you are the continuum of the souls
    That are born to never go to the place they are requested
    Because upon arrival chaos and law are connected
    Their stubbornness resembles one whose got all the gold and I beyond possessive
    Wondering why no one takes it from you truly who is the one who wants an endless
    Right to do what they want you thought you did the lost attention
    Because with that power collars dimensions
    Some new some older than the shoe you put on for protection
    The last resistance to the diabolical presence
    Is each man revolting against the inevitable shift of consciousness let in
    By not stopping only defaulting in acceptance
    Its one punishment that leads to many consequences
    And it is every cock with a soft erection