Sunday, May 1, 2011

pivotal(prod. by pesticyde)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by pesticyde


i float about
as energy
clouds distribute me
that's infinity
seeds sprout instantly
sound turns into trees
towers of sticks and leaves
they're showered
with little beams of light
that's how they get to eat
how do we live and breathe
what do you know about anything?
the chicken or the egg
both would be profound mysteries
the salvation of peace
it isn't free
it comes with a price
not unlike victory
lives lost
lines crossed
like christian (t)'s
so many follow false entities
surrendered souls
not given
just simply let go
an endless echo
the allure of death grows
when it rains it pours
winter wars
hills of red snow
chills from head to toe
the questions
will we ever know
i feel like an eskimo
it's a television show
and we may never know
scenes from the next episode
there's nothing left but growth
death will eventually come
until then
what will we become
i for one
will evolve like opposable thumbs
until the day my feet
know where i'm from
as of now
i stand alone like the sun
but i'm far from the only one
stars all over
long to know where they're from
what were we before we died
we left our stories behind
did we read the book
but ignore, forget or deny
or was it ever written inside
how can we read chapters
the authors didn't provide
the answers will surface
by intrinsic design
from where they reside
for they are memories
buried inside

by deliberate deception
and misdirection
by those
of whom
wish we'd forget this
but there are also
those of us
who are persistent and restless
i was told once
revolution won't begin with acceptance

kaonashi sann
he wears a mask like haku
jutsu with one hand
ice mirror confrontation
sasuke and naruto bond
growth spurt for both
kyuubi's cloak
he tried it on
while sasuke experienced
the first maturation of his sharingan
i watched them all evolve
even zabuza
he changed in the end
because naruto was popping off
he said
how can you stand there
and not do anything
zabuza shed tears
and said
give your kunai to me
then killed gato
without his arms
using his teeth
but when he lied next to haku
he moved his hand to his cheek
at their graves
his sword in the ground
so it protrudes
sakura asked
were shinobi
really supposed to be tools
kakashi said yes
and that that was true
in konoha too
naruto decided
he would live
by his own set of rules
this was the beginning
the blossoming
of flowers to come
pedals from which
the aforementioned
clouds will become
so much rain
you'll drown in the mud
but after the showers
beauty will abound in the sun
i repeat this concept
because it is significant
people are affected
and change perspectives
like a tilt-shift lens
chain reaction
perpetual influence
butterfly flaps its wings
the pond
ripples further out than you think
such a small act could cause
unimaginable things
it's all in how you behave
cause and effect
things trickle
like a small amount
of water down steps
so when you walk
take responsible steps
if you're not careful
you'll trip and fall to your death
so pay attention
the fundamentals
are as essential as breath
soak it up
absorb what you can
hold the world in your hand
so as to examine it
as thoroughly as you can
never confuse
insubstantial with minuscule
the details
are what establish what's visible
the micro gathers
and brings the macro into view
is a spiral staircase
that travels to you

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