Sunday, May 1, 2011

surrender(prod. by nosleep)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by nosleep


with tyler on the beats
i don't want to sleep
even though
i always want to dream
in the world beneath
with such an allure of peace
and an absence of disquietude
nothing to distract me
while i improve
and grow
like a forest of trees
from tiny roots
a humanoid being
having anthophila views
in regards
to the swarm of bees
the 'i' includes
although separate
they function
as a united group
they don't act alone
ignoring what they affect
like armed forces
parading death
for oil that they collect
that's the wrong way
but it's not their fault
they are a flawed race
they should have died
and gone away
but instead
they lived
and tried to fit twice as much
in a smaller space
they were supposed to evolve
like ice when it thaws
alter states
but not quite all the way
scars represent life
not decay
cancer is a mutation
what do think would happen
if you try to remove
a creature from its cocoon
before it changes
that's just a little food for consideration
it's up to you
whether you chew
or ignore information
but you should store information
like a squirrel
using the world as its basement
were the power source
for the matrix
how could you not want
the dormant brain to awaken
when our minds combined
could support such a creation
life is a proverbial
humans avoid any changes
that's what garners my hatred
which is bottled up
and shaken
like the ground
when tectonic plates shift
and quakes hit
causing the pressure to ascend
and explode
like flames in
the middle of water
with no H's
that's the summation
of what i'm holding in
on a daily basis
that's why
i want to venture
into the vast ocean
sailing a spaceship
somewhat alone
and grow old
like milk on alien nation
collect birds
and return to earth
with a full scale invasion
with several different interpretations
who observe all things
and build
with instant reverberation
what constitutes a group
is mutual effort
everyone must do things alone
before they do them together
it teaches you to appreciate
what you put together
before you even put it together
that way
what you do
is not taken for granted
like the way humans
behave with the planet
saving yourself
is saving the planet
so don't break it
if you don't want
to pay for the damage

hook (x2)

take your own life
do the right thing
or grow
and adapt to survive
apply change
whatever you do
get the fuck out of my way
or stay where you are
and get accustomed to my hate
humans just get in the way
in every sense of the phrase
it's what they do
they're like a sentient maze
why won't you just get in your graves
and die like men
trying to get rid of their grays
extinguish your flame
from funeral to birth
this is a pivotal stage
in the evolution of earth
it's at the end of its days
there's been so much pollution
it's worse if it's gone
than if it stays
the universe's tomorrow
depends on today

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  1. Ill be the first to comment. This song is so ill i also blast this in my headphones when im in school. KEEP IT UP MAN!