Sunday, May 1, 2011

thegraygalaxy(prod. by rpm the brown robe)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by rpm the brown robe

vocal sample:

let us consider
that we are all insane
it will explain us to each other
it will unriddle
many riddles


it's like walking through liquid
cognitive quickness
the opposite of the loss of the senses
electrical impulses in constant suspension
to encounter altered dimensions
where the ratio of time over distance
to which we oblige is much different
every so often like pinch hits
books are read
like hot sauce on a biscuit
they are absorbed
in direct proportion to interest
almost always
are so much more than what's written
they move forward within
entire worlds in my head
i devote most of my life to my imagination
and largely ignore what's outside its habitation
do you imagine
or are you a prisoner
an inmate
to the desire to be similar
not wanting to be alone
to be noticed by who you differ from
it's difficult
but there are two directions to every pendulum
in the future you'll regret
if you neglect what you were inches from
but you and i step to different drums
so perhaps i am wrong
but perhaps not
perhaps you abscond
perhaps you would so aptly withdraw
frightened by such an accurate song
just the thought that you belong
blows a hole straight through the back of your skull
it's too overwhelming to be attractive at all
what supports your world collapses and falls
like when a wrecking ball
comes crashing through walls
but in order to make improvements
you must sacrifice pawns
this concept is correct
it's the perspective that's wrong
nobody is helmed
everyone decides for themselves
for the betterment of their kind
they'll give their lives to propel
where faith fails
science avails
because religion only follows itself
deliberately plotting its trail
the study of knowledge that's there
science isn't trying to sail
it simply floats
on the ocean of space all by itself
it goes where it goes
its destination
nobody knows
the water's deep
deeper than inaudible tones
you may reach the bottom
but you'll never make it holding your nose
and what i mean by this
is when oxygen goes through a hose
even the strongest submarines
on the globe would implode
pressure of which
is not meant
to venture or go below
but strides differ
mother nature is time's sister
each age will see changes
in the sublime picture
all of which culminates in a unified figure
wind/cloud coming soon
the future provides winter
sand will move through the sky
with a huge eye in the center
i'll ball up my fist
included in five fingers
and spit through the mic and splinter
the roots of the not remembered
to speed up evolution
so humans will die quicker
mutants will rise hither
it proves apt
to adapt
for when you're threatened with extinction
you have to attack
your weapon's there on your hip
like indiana harrison's whip
you must change your parents to live
the chess comparison fits
pawns evolving
to and from the pieces
they are involved with
is life
in the wake of a star's darkness
but nonetheless
like a flower opening up
it will awaken
it takes time to grow and construct
some volcanoes will erupt
others will slowly be shut
there's a balance
things are both folding
and unfolding at once
an infinite string of basic fluctuation
energy's behavior in space
is just exchanges
its contents created
by sudden and subtle shapeshifts
so much is forsaken
wake up and unplug the matrix
doing nothing's contageous
others become complacent
it's a paradox
you keep each other
reluctant to change shit
butterfly effect
you can change the world
with one tiny step
for how's a spider fed
if nothing gets stuck inside its web
don't wait for your food
a predator chases its food
he may trap it
but that's only after making some moves
the ultimation
of a preparation cocoon
what crawls out
is a well thought out
plate to consume
swallow it
feed yourself with violence
like the king on lord of the rings
the fire drenched
i don't provide a shit
you simple minded
nursery rhyming kids
can row row row your boat
but i will drift
and go where the tide permits
nowhere that i insist
i decide myself
how my time is spent
for if my future is decided
then i do not exist
there would be no reason
for me to exercise my consciousness
i may live a stranded life
but i won't live a stranded death
for i will have abandoned flesh
the prison in which man is kept
nature happens
it does not manifest
it knows that if we let the sky die
the planet's next
so i will expand and stretch
envelop what i can
can one person make a difference
with persistence
the answer's yes
but take what i have to offer
and do what you will
use it to destroy
or use it to build
the illusion's revealed
but what does the illusion conceal
escaping the matrix
takes far more than choosing a pill
for once you're outside
the sentinels shoot to kill
so if you fulfill
your wish to remove the veil
i suggest
you don't get caught
like a blooper reel

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