Sunday, May 1, 2011

ivoryraindrops(prod. by iron curtain)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by iron curtain


i practice
throwing hidden heart swords
at an iron curtain dart board
i hit the bull's eye
and hit the hilt
with each following sword
when knowledge is born
a cipher is formed
this cycle
goes on for eternity
that's what a circle means
no beginning
no end
only what lurks between
is more than prior to death
it's also where that journey leads
seeking more than this
i leave the forest
in search for trees
i close my eyes
'cause where i'm going
only the third can see
the outward striking lightning
exciting the bio-circuitry
the other eyes just see the surface
the mind observes beneath
i prefer unique
over the indistinct
who window think
and don't do what they want
they just pretend they're peace
with not being satisfied
you must be kidding me
i will not
put being myself
second to anything
words of wisdom
those who listen
are instruments to me
through the mic
what i write
conducts a symphony
a masterpiece
but there has to be
strength independently
before those strengths
can shape anything

ivory shower
wind minus cloud
piano rain drops
my soul
is in an oddly shaped box
away locked
trapped between worlds
like night/day watch
the gloom
a cell
where alone
the parallel roam
this is
best compared to the signal
carried by cellphones
not visibly well known
but nonetheless tangible
just as substantial as bones
despite distinctions
dimensions can coalesce
the depth
of both life and death
just think
of how they might connect
my body's a deck
i'm a cassete
how do i eject
everything is a puzzle
the integrational struggle
you cannot
compromise integrity
without breaking its bubble
a cipher that is unstable
will crumble
anything one creates
one can undo
but it's not
simply forward
in reverse
let's say
we could explain
the forming of the earth
to determine how it's destroyed
we can't just push rewind
that's not how it works
you were given two paths
to fight club's lye powder burn
there are several steps
one can take
it's like the labyrinth's
multi gravity staircase
where the goblin king
had the baby
and made sara chase
my whole life
i've been drawn
like pen tears his face
i've had the sense
that i belong
somewhere in space
a feeling
i could never shake
not even with the richter scale's
heaviest quake
or something
just won't let me escape
i'm left in this cage
no chance for parole
subjected to age
but seemingly
not destined to change
it hurts like hell
but i will not
surrender to pain
for between beginning and ending
there is many a page

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