Monday, May 2, 2011

shadowalk(prod. by cloke/exit)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by cloke/exit(fivesicks and stranded)


peep philosophy
do like heatseekers
and follow me
bottom deep
deeper than the physics
involved in quantum leap
just take a minute
to pause and stop to think
wouldn't it be clearer
if you close your eyes like sleep
and open the part of your mind that blinks
where your brain
and the top of your spine would meet
more than probably
despite it being obsolete
if you do
you'll find you see
beyond the lengths of telescopic reach
before this rhyme's complete
you will experience
fear or curiosity
phobia interferes
when your mind is weak
that means you gotta leave
there's a fine degree
that lies between
where you are
and where your body be
it's simple complication
when concentration
is fully automated
thoughts take shape and
like going from stars to constellations
but you need more than a tenth
of your brain operating
to abandon the human race
and communicate on a larger wavelength
you must utilize
all degrees involved in shaping
your entire cipher
like keanu reeves
when he solved the matrix
he pulled out
the most concealed weapon
of all creation
but you can't
use your hands
to draw your brain kid
these are the basics
to defy inertia
fly further than foreign space ships
walk on clouds
as well as you can walk on pavement
just let time forward
common said 'one day it all will make sense'
i feel like a genie
you have no idea how long i've waited
but patient
i vowed i'd never sleep
'til y'all awaken
from your unconscious lives
look beyond the rhymes
and fall adjacent
watch through the eyes of tomorrow's ancient
and believe what i say
like you're reading from nastradamus' pages
and if you don't see it today
then your children will make the observation
there's only one life we're living
there isn't an ultimatum
no alternate way of evolving
straight to adult then
into an astral state of conscience
a rare form
that lacks any basic content
i declare war
on behalf of the awakened
a revelation of sorts
where you can stay or abort
come in or leave
everyone ain't made to mature
what is will be
you can't spare change
when you're poor
there's a way out
the doorknobs just ain't on the doors
they're hidden in plain sight
like words
when you say them in morse
if you don't understand
that's 'cause mine's

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  1. I will take a walk with that shadow anyday