Friday, May 6, 2011

realmofpeace(prod. by aquarius minded)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by aquarius minded


all that would distract
pushed away
in such a way
that a black hole attracts
what is sought is brought forth
while all forms of matter detach
and are drawn towards
a ball of force
that once compacted will hatch
the eggshell resembling
a skull
the walls of a well of energy
thoughts scatter
like stars after they crack
and discharge for stellar centuries
there is an horizon
inside it
will dwell eventually
just imagine and zap
braincells develop anything
electric impulses
at low voltage
compel infinity
our brain by itself
without the use or assistance
of unnatural hallucinogenics
can develop high levels of dimethyltryptamine
this may be a central step to lessen entropy
perhaps ascension is death
with convalescent tendencies
what if being alive is a sickness
the human body is an impostor existence
and you only die
'cause you occupy its dimension
humans lie
but the truth can't hide
from curiosity's vengeance
it's just when you explore
the door isn't an obvious entrance
if you don't find it
it must not be of interest
you must not surrender
depends almost entirely
upon your persistence
i am determined
like astinus
writing his words in
the scriptures
he ascribes with assertion
i swallow wisdom
on the mic i exert it
like force
during a cyclonic occurrence
there might be disturbance
but destructive energy
should not be encouraged
for it is centripetal
to what you're trying to nourish
pivotal to if it will
blossom and flourish
like a copy from kakashi
with his left eye insurgent
sudden knowing peaks
with no indication
if you're listening
serenity is the gross realization
it's like neo when he awoke from the matrix
his mind intact
but his body atrophied
from no stimulation
that's the gravity of the whole situation
you alone
control your participation
what good is an umbrella
with holes for precipitation
i welcome no one
for if you belong
there is no invitation
once you're there
you'll know where your place is
it's an innate feeling
the realization of one's fate is appealing
a sensation of inflation,
exploding transformation
blood advances to the atrium ceiling
the heart dances to malaise disappearing
to indicate its weight by comparing
it's parallel to hawking
unifying space with a theory
the human mind completely activated
to watch with your own two eyes
imagination appearing
volcanic adrenaline
to no longer be stranded like gilligan
could this be an extra planet experience
like perhaps
the home of those
who planted the pyramids
the concept of catacombs
may have spanned from sirius
things aren't so damn mysterious
if you are but to search
the golden compass
doesn't belong to the church
we face deception
like prime
optimus first
god is not of this earth
religion was made
to divide and conquer
it worked
peace is a secretion that an object exerts
a substance released when a body's inert
if you're too active
then it's not going to work
atoms containing aggravated molecules burst
if only i could travel through time in reverse
or would i just be trying to polish a turd
curiosity's an insoluble thirst

...humans have many flaws
biggest of all is their birth
they live without any regard
and it will cost us the earth

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