Sunday, May 1, 2011

divinelogic(prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by lost soul

i will glow in the dark
but first
i will pace the earth like bonapart
with the purpose
of preserving life like noah's ark
i am an exploding star
but you won't see my light
until my soul is gone
for i am an apogee
alone afar
i suffer
but pain is only scars
they replace the broken shards
of serenity
so the memories stay close at heart
the two will never be torn apart
to obtain peace, wars are fought
and for good reason too
light must be removed
in order to explore the dark
that will metamorph
into enormous sparks
that will open a door that's locked
behind which
the unknown will be hidden
until its form is sought
just because something's forbidden
doesn't mean that it is surely lost
i am persistent
when resistance lies before me
my sword is drawn
and when i swing
blood flies
like caterpillars
when they become butterflies
i administer hatred with such a stride
and i will not waver
in the face of destructive lies
that shields the illumination
of information from the eyes
for it is in my nature
to make sure that the sun will shine
and be embedded
everyone will thrive
just so you understand
i am known as stranded
because i'm stuck inside
i can't even escape myself
let alone make my way through hell
deep inside me hatred wells
the human body is an ancient cell
if i am to survive the pain that's felt
then i must dream
until it's finally a vacant shell
cast aside like when you break a spell
that is why i stay compelled
this life is pain
that i am driven by disdain to quell
with the extinction of the human race itself
natural selection
change avails
sure i'm livid
i'm angry as hell
but that doesn't mean
that this isn't the way things should prevail

hook x 2

if you can't see the light
i'll put my hands in your sockets
and pull away to expand your optics
so you can envision
the divinity of intangible logic
making food for thought
an anaerobic glycolic
to be converted
into permanent knowledge

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