Sunday, May 1, 2011

sandstorm(prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by lost soul


my blood's cold
so much so
that i am feared
like the unknown
i am not as i appear
but if you must know
if you listen
what you'll hear is untold
it is less
what is actually said
and more what is suggested
you must put forth effort
there is a much larger story
this is just an excerpt
a random chapter
when you're hurt
you can't abandon laughter
to dwell
is to stand in a quicksand disaster
if you struggle without resolve
you'll only vanish faster
lack of pain
will leave a man fractured
when there is nothing inside
you are hollow
you will crumble and die
that is the only path to be followed
you will become unalive
when you are forced down
and you push up hard enough
you will fly
with the sudden removal
of what's obstructing your rise
not to justify
but my hatred has no effect
on where my love is applied
it is a matter of perspective
you don't determine touch with your eyes
these matters are separate
the two are to remain uncombined
they should not be in a single relationship
they belong in independant matrices
why invent
the virulence that makes you sick
i close my eyes
no rapid jerks
i'm awake
but i drift
i unimagine earth
swim through space like a fish
the vast ocean
dark matter and light
in fast motion
the whole between
those extremes
my mind is passed open
all happens
spheres form
and balls shatter like glass broken
words are heard
long after they are last spoken
transmissions float
never getting old
they remain what they are
throughout the life and death
of occasional stars
i have a brainful of scars
human behavior tears it apart
because most of what it absorbs
is unnecessary and large
i often think
and stare at my thoughts
trying not to blink
i glare in exhaust
my eyes
weary but staunch
despite the fact
i know where i am
i am lost
for this is not where i belong
i drift aimlessly
like weightless debris
it's like a planet explodes
and i am what remains when it leaves
pain is all i feel
i am all but killed
torn from my world
like an orange peel
i suffer torment as strong as steel
hatori hanso builds
blades tempered
by pure heart and will
i will not ignore my scars
i'll heal
i'm a soldier
like chicago's field
i will know what my skull conceals
i won't rest
'til death's flaw's revealed
you can ask wizdomgod
that's real
until the result's captured
it will be sought after
it's the most pressing of all matters
on my mind like a skull fracture
being born to die
is a false pattern
during life
my thoughts scatter
collapse in the sky
absorb the world and rewind
pouring light into dark matter
but only for sight
pointing like long daggers
like christopher loyd in roger rabbit
if you do not seek
then you do not see
those who ignore are blind
the borderline of this lost cavern
you must close your eyes
in order to find
what the dark gathers
explore your mind
'til you're (inside your skull)'s master
deep within each
there is a staff
a walking stick
that carves a particular path
it alters the vision
of the one
in whose palm it is grasped
it's up to you
how long it will last
for to receive a question's answer
you must consciously ask
evolution or death
future will be the present
for he who conquers the past
when your time is up
you can flip it
and pour it all back
but you must survive the storm
while the sand
swirls in the glass

1 comment:

  1. When there is no thing inside
    You are hollow all that follow you will be sucked by
    Your emptiness as you crumble and die
    Never knowing who you follow as you crumble and die
    It I not the only path to follow although it is because its the one you must try
    Stuck behind
    The next as you rub one by yourself you cannot fuck with the mind
    With the sudden removal of the lie
    One flies but that's just excite the same as being released from a rhyme
    The bars that incarcerated you until you learned what's right freedom is an illusion because you've only begun in time