Thursday, May 10, 2018

doomspeyeral(prod. by hak)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

verse 1:  rpm the brown robe

verse 2:  stranded

prod. by hak

 verse 1: [rpm the brown robe]

i’m a scholar of myth
following bliss
into a hollow inside
sweeping curves of a twist
what i’m saying is this
something that exists
beyond the forest line
of our awareness
is on the fritz
and the things we tightly grip
like daily bread
there ain’t nothing wrong with this
i’m rationing the dead
and the shattered imagined things
ravishing at anything
apprenticing you to the cemetery
one too many
afraid to spend a penny
a mystic is density
’til he finds it in the melody
and shifts it from heresy
on to destiny
agony and the ecstasy
endless for the remedy
we’re playing recklessly
with the energy of the gods
we begin to see
when we accept our parts
for change has no option
when aimed at dissolving rage
and all such inhumane barricades
this the left hand written
backwards in the mirror
the way thoughts come out
then enter my cerebellum
from its source signal

before it can make the error
by believing in the mirror
all that matter
secret beyond the ladder
straight abracadabra
crack in the tavern wall
opening the pattern
he drunk ’til he sobered
and fell out of the labyrinth

not so much about the wits
as it’s all about the gathering
control of the blabbering
and mannerisms
you think and stand against
but i swear man it isn’t
so follow your bliss
like the end of your own index
don’t be afraid of the door
in open pretext
within minutes
the physics make quick sense
i downright
advance forward
and spin flex
with less effort
and more impact
respect shared
we are prepared
in the face of power unveiled

inner states of being
live to change the outer
listen for a minute
and cease being a doubter

it’s infinitely hours

verse 2: [straned]

i’m a cloud in many skies

both alive and moribund
i obscure the sun
AND don’t prevent its shine
and acidic bonds
my thoughts
are philosopher stones
forever skipping ponds

reality ripples off
a glitch evolves
between the planes
i go inside the hole
my eyes are closed
i’m seeing things
ALWAYS losing my soul
i do and i don’t
need to change
i’m constantly steeped in pain
but i don’t FEED the flame
it remains lit
but i don’t stimulate the wick
i assimilate
like syllables into namelessmyst
when you make a wish
you have to do more
than wait for it
in order
for an impenetrable surface
to be immersed with crater dents


ANYTHING that would betray your bliss
unless it’s for something
so important to you
it’s worth forsaking it

nourish your soul
be generous to yourself
some MORE
and your life
will be more beautiful
like an elf matures
i am faced with many misfortunes
and walk through several doors

i’ve found my way out
of every hell i’ve worn

the sloughing labyrinth
the passages shed their destinies
and reconfigure

so alternate fates
can be delivered
i reflect on surfaces
that don’t provide reflections
‘cause my perspective
is derived from my essence
it’s what’s inside
my identity
is the composite chemistry
of iconic etches
a sculpture
comprised of collections
of hyperbolic edges

the shape molded
is the result
of my combined endeavors
and keep in mind
cannot be left
without applying pressure

all the adverse circumstances
i encounter

in a tertiary higher power
the muscles in your chin
you learn you have
when on the verge of crying
with the figurative roar of a lion

when you’re lost
in the throes of sorrow
the rip current’s violent
being tossed
by the undertow
can be demoralizing
like screams
when you’re paralyzed
in your sleep
your world is silent
you’re trapped
in a seemingly endless dream
you don’t want to die in
my heart glimmers

the energy’s only pure
behind it
despite the darkness
harbored within
a glow endures

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