Thursday, March 22, 2018

adistincthypgnosis(prod. by axphykz)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

prod. by axphykz

those who listen
get bent
when i spit what i wrote
like an iron sewer lid
shuriken-ing a ghost

grim loving
jim duggan
clouds saw you in half
solid smoking hologramz
drown jaws in a glass

beware of the wolf
i collaged in the past

a rare amalgam
of an owl
crossing its path

ravenous fangs
hatchets for wings
his claws stab between blinks
all creatures who encounter him
collapse in a heap

EYE am less than nothing
my shadow’s extinct

i’m that alone
my catacombs
are more vast than you think
by a bird
that makes no noise
when it flies

this silence
is all that can be heard
from inside

omniphonic echoes
a surge upon a heart
beyond all thresholds
an all encompassing emptiness
haunts his bereft soul
he’s not going to let go
despite being caught
in a death roll
he resembles a swan
as he spins along
his finesse shows
his resolve can’t be conquered
his head’s harder than destro’s
if you follow him
you’ll find out
how far being depressed goes
a look within
there’s a war going on
which wolf will win
mine stop fighting
long enough
to find out what they would become
if they blend
the sheer profundity
that the alchemy of love achieves
all that the roots contain
spiraling up from beneath
earth and water
the immortal blossoming
of a tree
and one could find
the will of fire
inside of just one leaf
a forest ablaze
arboreal flames
ignited by a spark
from the flint
an unintentional sorceress made

it is what it is
there is no alternate plane
he exists like this
in every world he pervades
a parliament of a single soul
slinky strobes in multiple ways
a distinct hypgnosis
no interlopers course through his veins
by a gypsy’s eyes
a quantum ghost
lost in a gaze
he’ll wander
within this optic spiral
for all of his days

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